Summer 2020:

Covid-19 Regulations

The safety of our staff and members is our top priority and we have strived to put together a plan that allows for the safety and comfort of all members and follows the required guidelines. All members must follow these procedures.


  • UPDATE - TRAVEL ADVISORY - In accordance with NJ regulations, all members who travel out of state to any location listed on the NJ Travel Advisory list must quarantine for 14 days.  Members are not permitted to enter the club if they have not followed this 14 day quarantine advisory.


  • Check In / Out - All members will be required to check in with the lifeguard at the entrance (normal entrance) and check out with the lifeguard at the new exit (near the pump house). Masks must be worn.


  • Social Distancing - The ability for our club to stay open this summer requires the cooperation and responsibility of all our members. Social distancing must be practiced at all times.


  • Members of each family are asked to sit together at one table or designated area on the lawn. Tables and chairs will be set out on the lawn by the management and may not be moved. If your family requires additional chairs, please speak to a manager. Tables near the bath house are reserved for seniors and those with special needs.


  • Maintaining social distance is not only required of adults, but also of children.  Parents are responsible for making sure that their children are appropriately social distancing especially while inside the tight confines of our sandbox and kiddie pool.


  • We understand that many families may socialize and allow their children to play with other children at home and in their back yards; however, for the safety and comfort of all our members, we ask that our social distancing rules be respected. 


  • Social distancing will be enforced on our grounds and in the pool.  Disregard for our rules and regulations will be met with disciplinary action.  After two warnings, failure to follow the rules will result in your family being asked to leave the premises for the rest of the day.

  • Face Coverings - Will be required at the entrance and exit to the club and in the bath house by all members age 2 years and up. Face coverings are not to be worn in the pool.  Face coverings should also be worn whenever you cannot maintain a distance of 6 feet.

  • Sanitizing - Members are responsible for sanitizing their tables and chairs upon arrival and before leaving the pool. Spray bottles filled with appropriate disinfectant and paper towels will be provided by the club. Willow Grove will sanitize commonly touched surfaces throughout the day and will sanitize tables and chairs at the end of each day.  Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the property as well.


  • Bath House - Please come to the pool “swim ready” as the changing rooms and showers will be unavailable for use. Face coverings and footwear must be worn in the bath house. The number of people in the bath house at one time will be limited and the floor of the bath house will be clearly marked for social distancing.  Children 8 years and younger must be accompanied by a parent.


  • Tables - There will be no saving of tables – either for another family or for your own use at some point later in the day.  There will be designated spots on the lawn for those who would like to bring their own chairs and/or blankets.   All personal chairs/blankets must be taken home each day.


  • Guests / Parties - Will not be allowed at this time. Members needing a babysitter or nanny must purchase an associate membership; the price for this membership has been reduced to $75 this season.

  • Pool - Social distancing must be practiced in the pool. The number of people allowed in the pool will be monitored and may be limited with the use of wrist bands on certain days. Pool toys will not be allowed. The diving boards will remain open at all times.


  • Wristbands - Social distancing must be practiced in the pool.  The number of people in the pool at one time is limited to 60 and families must stay 6 feet apart from each other. 

    • On certain days (most likely opening day, July 3 and every weekend), wristbands will be given out to each family member as they enter the club. 

    • You will not have a choice of color. 

    • When the wristbands are in force, swim intervals will be every 15 minutes per wristband color with a time for adults only (any color) every hour.

  • Swim team / Swim lessons - The competitive swim season has been cancelled by the UCOSL. We will be providing a swim team clinic beginning July 13th. Swim lessons (both group and private) will not be held at this time.


  • Sports Equipment - Such equipment will not be provided by the club. Members may bring balls, sand toys and other equipment for use by family members only, should space allow. Such items left at the end of the day will be thrown out. No toys or floats will be allowed in either pool.  The playground equipment will be closed.


  • Picnic Grove - Grills will be available for member use. Members must provide their own grill tools. Picnic tables may not be moved from their designated locations. Members are responsible for cleaning the grill, grill handles, and the picnic tables.

  • Lost and Found - There will be no lost and found this year. Items left at the end of the day will be


  • Assumption of Risk - By entering the club, you acknowledge and understand the risks associated with Covid19.  




We are hopeful that with the cooperation of our members, this summer at Willow Grove will be enjoyable for all. Our staff will be screened for fever and signs of COVID19 each day and will be wearing appropriate PPE except while on the guard stand. The policies put in place will be reviewed periodically and modifications may be made in accordance with changing guidelines.


These procedures are new to us all and we appreciate your patience as we work through any “kinks”.  Please talk to our managers and Board about what is working well and what needs adjusting. 

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